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Cheque fraudster flew the plane but he couldn’t fly a kite

cheque fraud

Leonardo DiCaprio played infamous fraudster Frank Abagnale in the Steven Spielberg movie, Catch Me If You Can. Abagnale was notorious for cheque forgery. But he also loved to impersonate other people.

At one point in his “career,” Abagnale pretended to be an airline pilot. He would “deadhead” to get free flights, hotel rooms, and even room service.

And once, the REAL captain actually handed the controls of the plane over to Abagnale!

He said he just switched on the autopilot. But for a few minutes, 140 passengers’ lives were in the hands of a man who could not fly a kite.

Now, if your cheques are “hacked” that’s not nearly as dangerous as imperiling 140 passengers at 30,000 feet.

But how dangerous would it be?

What would it cost you?

These days, individuals and businesses only use cheques for high-ticket payments.

And cheque fraud is on the rise.

According to the Federal Reserve, cheques are the leading target for attempted fraud.

So, with criminals out there looking for a “big easy” score from cheque fraud, you owe it to yourself and your business to lock down you cheques.

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