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Cohen “Cheques” Trump as Fraud Prevention Month Kicks Off in Canada

As I’m writing this here in snowy Canada, there’s a shifty lawyer sitting in front of the US Congress talking about fraud. Michael Cohen is his name.

Apparently, the US President had Mr. Cohen try to cover up some of the President’s illicit shenanigans by paying people to keep their mouths shut.

And Mr. Cohen even produced the cheque the president wrote to pay for this cover up.

It might go down in history as one of the most famous cheques ever written!

It’s nearly 100% certain that Mr. Trump engaged in BIG time fraud.

Kind of ironic that this news hits just in time for fraud prevention month up here in Canada!

And if you think we polite, honest Canadians don’t need to worry about fraud, think again.

Cheque fraud in particular.

CIBC states that…

Even with the advent of electronic payment products, cheques still account for billions of payments each year, making them a prime target for criminals.

Counterfeit cheques, forged checks, and altered cheques are all a big problem for banks AND small business owners.

Why are they a problem for you, the business owner?

Because while cheques fraud is on the rise, banks are shifting the responsibility for forgery losses toward their customers!

That’s right, if you’re the victim of cheque fraud, you might be out 100% of the money!

What can you do to protect your business from cheque fraud?

To celebrate Canadian Fraud Prevention Month ASAP Cheques has updated our free guides… Cheque Fraud Report Cheque Fraud Prevention Tips for Business Cheque Fraud Prevention Tips for Consumers

Yes, we may be a little more honest up here in the north.

But that’s no reason to leave you and your business unprotected against one of the most common crimes in Canada.

And what better time to protect yourself than Fraud Prevention Month?

Get the updated guides free here!

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