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Don't Get Stuck with the Walmart of Cheque Printers

Are you stuck with the WalMart of cheque printing?

Remember back when WalMart was the only game in town? If you’re under 30, you might not remember. But a while back, WalMart was on pace to annihilate and eliminate just about every other retailer. As WalMart came to Canada, they dominated.

How? Super low prices and EVERYTHING in one convenient location.

Then something happened. The internet.

Now, you can point and click and have just about ANYTHING, even stuff you can’t get at WalMart, delivered to your door…sometimes on the same day…by

And when you factor in the time you lose driving to WalMart? Well it’s no surprise most people prefer the convenience of Amazon to the slightly lower price at Walmart.

But what’s this have to do with your cheque printing?

Well, a lot of business owners and individuals think they must use their bank’s printer to get their cheques. They think there’s no other option than to suffer through the crappy navigation and endless steps on the printer’s 1990s-style website to get their cheques. And put up with poor customer service.

It’s like they think WalMart is the only game in town and there is no

Luckily there is an of cheque printing. And many smart business people are discovering it every day…

For example, Michelle had been ordering her cheques from the big bank printer for as long as she could remember. She figured that her bank knew best. Why would they steer her wrong, right?

Until one day she got fed up. After too many overly complicated orders and a lack of customer service, Michelle decided it was time to try something different. She set out in search of a smaller, more personable cheque company, and came across ASAP Cheques.

“This was my first time using ASAP Cheques. The website was very easy to navigate, I followed the steps and received a notice that my cheques were shipping within 24 hours. A great experience overall!”. Michelle was able to quickly and easily place an order and get the cheques she needed without any fuss or headaches.

If you believe …

· You must use your bank’s old-timey, slow, complicated printer · The bank’s printer is cheaper · The bank’s printer is more secure · The bank’s printer is faster · The bank’s printer provides better customer service…

…if you believe any of that, you’re wasting time and money.

All you must do is cut out the middleman.

The truth is there are faster, less complicated, less expensive, more secure ways to order your cheques.

Q&A about Walmart Cheques

Can I buy personal cheques at Walmart?

Yes. Walmart sells an impressive selection of personal cheques, at fantastic prices. Do shop around to compare security features and turnaround time.

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