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Don’t Think Cheque Fraud is Important? You’re likely a target.

Cheque Fraud is Important

While cheque usage has declined in recent years, the threat of cheque fraud remains very real. In fact, cheques are a big target for attempted fraud.

According to the American Bankers Association, cheque fraud is increasing at a rate of 25% per year. In addition, businesses, not consumers, are more likely to be targeted.

Is your business secure? You may not have paid much attention to cheque security before, but it is important that you start to.

One ASAP Cheques client, Patricia, was not convinced of the cheque security from other big name cheque providers but was impressed with what ASAP offers.

“The cheque quality and security features are excellent. You confirmed that my need was legitimate. Your attention to security even when purchasing was a plus,” says Patricia.

For her, peace of mind came from knowing that ASAP Cheques holds extremely high security standards.

Our cheques come fully equipped to handle potential cheque fraud attempts. Our cutting-edge security features allow us to offer you secure cheques that are not easily counterfeited. We want you, as an individual or business owner, to feel confident in the cheques you write and the cheques you receive.

Though cheque fraud may not have been on your radar before, we hope this has sparked a new awareness of the potential risks. Ensuring your cheques come from a secure provider is a simple way to take control over potential fraudulent activity.

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