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Why Do Cheques Cost So Much?

Why Do Cheques Cost So Much?

These days we all want to stretch our dollar and get the most value out of each of our purchases. This tightening of wallets and budgets is what motivates so many of us to make the most economical purchasing decisions possible, whether that means buying a car that is cheaper to run, or shopping at a big box store over a smaller retailer.

When you’re watching your spending you notice the costs more, particularly costly items where the value is not seen or understood. With gouging prices on food and retail items, and a worsening in quality, it’s no wonder that people are starting to feel ripped off by most of the purchases they make in their day-to-day lives.

Cheques are no exception to this. You have probably found yourself asking the question, Why do cheques from the bank cost so much? And if you use your computer to print cheques with software such as QuickBooks or Quicken, why does Intuit charge so much for cheques? The simple answer? They are a middleman.

Cheques are very, very expensive for banks to process, so they understandably are trying to push consumers towards increasingly convenient and cost effective electronic payments by pushing the prices of cheques up. The more costly your cheques are, the more likely you are going to select a digital mechanism for moving money around.

Banking institutions themselves don’t print cheques, nor do software companies. These organizations take the cheque order and mark it up in order to turn a profit. These organizations send their cheque orders to large 'old school' printers who understandably need to make a profit.

This dated process means more cooks in the kitchen and, ultimately, more costs that fall to you. Historically, there were so few choices for consumers when it came to where to get their cheques printed, so printers could charge whatever they wanted -- but that is now changing.

ASAP Cheques is one of the new generation of cheque printers in North America. We cut out the middleman and deliver that value back to you, the consumer. ASAP does not have the overhead of a public company, so we can focus on better value, lower costs, and timely and effective customer service.

No one likes to get ripped off or taken advantage and pretty much everyone enjoys saving money. When it comes to our cheques the average savings are high. You can save as much as 77% on business cheques, 85% on computer cheques, and as much as 84% on your personal cheques compared to typical big banks, traditional cheque printers, and accounting software companies such as Intuit.

By dealing directly with ASAP, and not with a large bank or accounting software company, you remove the intermediary and reduce the cost. Whether you are purchasing cheques for personal or business use, ASAP ensures you are getting the best value for your hard earned money.

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