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Why Slow Cheques are Smarter Than Fast Cards

What’s the number one reason to NOT use paper cheques?

They are slow.


First, you have to find your chequebook. (If you’re a Millennials, that’s how cheques are usually stored, in little books of 20-50.)

Second, you have to fill out the cheque, putting in the date, the amount, the payee’s name, your signature, the memo.

Third, you have to address the envelope.

Fourth, you have to find a stamp.

Fifth, you have to mail the envelope.

How slooooooow and inconvenient, right?

Why would anyone ever pay with cheques? They’re just too slow.

Well, there is at least ONE good reason to pay by cheque.

Because they are slow.


The reason to NOT pay by cheque is a good reason to…pay by cheque???


Here’s what I mean.

The simplicity, speed and convenience of electronic payments makes it TOO easy to buy things you don’t really need.

Take Amazon for example. Every single element on their website is designed to make buying from them FAST AND EASY.

They don’t want any element on their website to slow you down and give you time to THINK.

If you think, you might not buy!

And admit it, you’ve bought plenty of things on Amazon (or other sites) that you regretted.

That you did not need. That you overpaid for.

But had you slowed down…and thought about it…you might not have made those unnecessary and expensive purchases.

Maybe if you had been slowed down by…

Having to hunt for your chequebook...

Having to fill out a cheque...

Having to address an envelope…

Having to mail an envelope…

You might have had enough time to think…and decided NOT buy.

This is how slowing down can save you money.

Something to think about the next time someone says, “Paper cheques are slow.”

Sometimes speed is dumb.

And slow is smart.

Get your smart cheques here.

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