ASAP's Cheque Ordering Apps for FI's

ACOA - Cheque Ordering and Order Status for Members via Web Banking

Our web banking addon for FI members/customers to order cheques and supplies, and to check real time order status 24/7.  So easy to use that no training is required.  Mobile friendly. Customized to resemble your web banking app and branding. Secure. ASAP provides this app for free ! 

We have several ways for you to incorporate this app into your environment, including Central 1's Forge Digital Banking platform ... see the options below.


AFIO - Cheque Ordering and Order Status for Branch Staff 

Our web app for FI staff to enter orders for cheques and supplies, and to check real time order status any time.  So easy to use that we rarely get calls with questions after your team watches our short training videos. Secure and fast. ASAP provides this app and setup for free !

AFIO can be used standalone, and can also be easily integrated with your core/retail banking app. 


Sleep-At-Night Secure

Security is a major concern for you and for us.  Our development and IT teams work together to ensure our applications, servers, and network are safe and secure using industry best practices.  But it doesn't stop there; we continually monitor the industry to identify threats and respond to them before they happen.

For more information on how secure we are, ask our Account Manager during your 15 Minute Quick Tour.


Fast Enough for Canada's Largest Banks

Our applications are built and tested with performance in mind because your staff and customers don't have time to wait for applications to respond when they are ordering cheques! We have stress tested our system at levels suitable for any of Canada's largest banks.

Easy Integration 

You can incorporate ACOA cheque ordering into your environment several ways: 

Central 1 Forge Digital Banking platform

  • can be ready to test in as little as 1 week, and live in as little as 2 weeks
  • free for charter clients!
  • for FI's using Central 1 Forge Online Banking


  • can be ready to test in as little as 3 days, and live in as little as 1 week
  • free for charter clients!
  • or any FI that wants to get started quickly and is able to host web pages provided by ASAP for members and staff to use

Integrated with other Online Banking

  • actual implementation work is minimal, and there is no charge from ASAP
  • time and cost are dependent on the online banking vendor - likely several weeks or months
  • for FIs using online banking not already integrated with ASAP, and don't want to use the standalone implementation
Try us for 5 days at no cost.

If you’re on the fence about trying ASAP Cheques then allow us give you a little extra incentive.
Right now, ASAP Cheques will set you up with your own cheque selling portal, perform our easy on boarding training for your staff, and provide award-winning customer support to help you out where needed - for 5 days at zero cost.
This means that for a full 5 days, at no cost to you or your members, you can fully evaluate our products and services.



"North Valley Credit Union moved to ASAP because we felt this company could provide a good product for our members at a fraction of the cost from other cheque providers.  Since switching we have had no complaints from members about pricing, quality or service.  Our staff find the online ordering system easy to use and the staff at ASAP great to deal with if we have questions.  Switching to ASAP was a breeze.  The online system has never failed us and the billing is always accurate and on time.  We highly recommend ASAP for a financial institutions main cheque provider and look forward to many more years of working with them."

Nichole, North Valley CU


"Les prix plus qu’abordables et la rapidité du service font que nos membres, autant les particuliers que les entreprises, apprécient énormément les produits de ASAP. Les chèques sont de très bonne qualité et les produits répondent parfaitement aux besoins. Du point de vue de la caisse, ASAP a été très accommodant lorsqu’est venu le temps d’adapter leurs produits selon nos besoins en créant des codes de produits spécifiques à notre caisse. De plus, l’utilisation de l’interface de commande est hautement conviviale."

Julie, CP de Hearst Limitee to Julie, Caisse Alliance - Hearst

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