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ASAP Cheques, Forms & Supplies started in 1996. Along with its sister company in the U.S., ASAP Cheques has printed many millions of cheques for businesses of all sizes as well as individuals, throughout North America.

The primary reason for our success is the value that we offer. Compared to large, traditional cheque printers,

  • our prices are substantially lower
  • most of our orders are ready to ship within 1 business day (many ship the same day)
  • orders are very easy to place
  • real time order status is easy to check online
  • our Customer Service is very easy to reach, responsive and friendly (and you will hardly ever need to contact them).

We ship orders to all parts of Canada and the mainland USA (lower 48 states). 

In 2006, we began offering a cheque printing service to Canadian financial institutions - mostly Credit Unions & Caisses Populaires but some banks as well. We currently serve 87+ financial institutions and their 351+ branches.

ASAP Cheques has a mandate to be an active member of the community, in particular helping the disadvantaged. We applaud the work of volunteers and organizations, and encourage our staff to look for opportunities to get involved.

Participation includes:

  • our local food bank
  • the Salvation Army
  • Staff members participate in Pitch-In Canada day in an effort to help keep our community sidewalks free of litter
  • Lots more planned!..

Corporate History

1980s The founder of ASAP Cheques developed one of the first MICR fonts to produce stable results with early generation MICR toner and HP LaserJet printers. The resulting products were used by over 100 of the top property management first in North America, including Cadillac Fairview.

1990s The founder developed the first Windows-based desktop MICR cheque-writing application. Versions were adapted for use by large and small cheque printers in North America, major pension fund managers such as OMERS, and many others.

1990s The founder participated in ANS X9 standards development related to cheque printing.

1996 Began offering computer and business cheques throughout North America, and MICR toner internationally

1999 Started operating under ASAP Cheques.

1999 Favorable mention by PC World magazine (Lincoln Spector column).

2001 "Avoiding Cheque Fraud" tip sheet developed and made available freely.

2002 Purchased a historic building in Gananoque, Ontario for our Canadian operations.

2003 First to use Thermochromatic (color changes when exposed to heat) printing as a security feature on cheques, extending our lead in quality and security and value.

2004 Reached milestone of 15 million cheques printed annually.

2005 Incorporated our U.S. sister company and opened a production facility in Memphis, Tennessee.

2006 Improved order turnaround time to the unheard of 1 business day.

2006 Introduced new CPA 006 (for Canada) and Check 21 (for the U.S.) format cheques, retaining extensive list of security features.

2006 Launched our program to become the leading cheque printer for Credit Unions, Caisses Populaires and Banks across Canada.

2007 Added Business Starter Kits, Personalized Deposit Slips, Endorsement Stamps and an Anti-Cheque-Washing pen to the product line.

2008 Launched series of cheques to remind the public about the sacrifice of War Veterans, and provide a portion of the proceeds to the Royal Canadian Legion for programs to assist War Veterans.

2009 Approximately 10% of Canadian Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires are now clients.

2011 Cheques to support Canadian Fallen Firefighters launched.

2013 Cheques to support the Canadian Cancer Society launched.

2016 Introduced a web banking addon so that FI members/customers can easily place orders and check order status. 

2017 Introduced a core banking addon so that FI staff can easily place orders and check order status via their core / retail banking app. 

2019 Cheques to support Humane Canada launched.

2020 Integrated our ACOA app with Central 1 Forge Digital Banking Platform so that Members can order cheques and check real time order status themselves.

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We look forward to many more developments in the coming year(s) !

Try us for 5 days at no cost.

If you’re on the fence about trying ASAP Cheques then allow us give you a little extra incentive.

Right now, ASAP Cheques will set you up with your own cheque selling portal, perform our easy on boarding training for your staff, and provide award-winning customer support to help you out where needed - for 5 days at zero cost.

This means that for a full 5 days, at no cost to you or your members, you can fully evaluate our products and services.



"North Valley Credit Union moved to ASAP because we felt this company could provide a good product for our members at a fraction of the cost from other cheque providers.  Since switching we have had no complaints from members about pricing, quality or service.  Our staff find the online ordering system easy to use and the staff at ASAP great to deal with if we have questions.  Switching to ASAP was a breeze.  The online system has never failed us and the billing is always accurate and on time.  We highly recommend ASAP for a financial institutions main cheque provider and look forward to many more years of working with them."

Nichole, North Valley CU


"Les prix plus qu’abordables et la rapidité du service font que nos membres, autant les particuliers que les entreprises, apprécient énormément les produits de ASAP. Les chèques sont de très bonne qualité et les produits répondent parfaitement aux besoins. Du point de vue de la caisse, ASAP a été très accommodant lorsqu’est venu le temps d’adapter leurs produits selon nos besoins en créant des codes de produits spécifiques à notre caisse. De plus, l’utilisation de l’interface de commande est hautement conviviale."

Julie, CP de Hearst Limitee to Julie, Caisse Alliance - Hearst

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