Cheque Ordering Widget from ASAP Cheques coming soon to Financial Institutions on Central 1’s Forge Digital Banking Platform

February 18, 2021


VANCOUVER, BC, February 18, 2021 – ASAP Cheques, a leading provider of cheques to financial institutions across Canada, has completed the first release of their cheque ordering integration with Central 1, Canada’s leading digital banking and payments provider for credit unions and financial institutions.  

Anticipated to debut in March 2021, the ASAP Cheques widget will enhance the digital banking experiences of financial institutions on Central 1’s Forge Digital Banking Platform by simplifying the cheque ordering process for consumers, in eliminating the need to visit a branch for these activities. This will streamline the impact on in-branch staff, allowing them to further prioritize important aspects of relationship building and meet customer service needs that can’t always be done virtually. 

“Many financial institutions have been keen for their members to place cheque orders through online banking, rather than having to go through in-branch staff. Our work with Central 1 has made this available to the 178 clients moving to the Forge Digital Banking Platform,” says Les Cseh, President of ASAP Cheques. “Members can place orders and check real time order status 24/7, reducing personal needs to travel, while freeing up valuable time for in-branch staff and call centres.”

This is one of the first of several widgets to debut on Forge in 2021, which financial institutions will be able access and implement as they see fit for their brand and digital banking experiences through Forge’s integrative ecosystem. Designed fully by Central 1, this ecosystem enables collaborative innovation across clients, fintechs and innovators to ensure they can develop and access offerings based on their unique business needs. For fintechs and digital innovators this means they can collaborate and contribute offerings which can be used by all financial institutions on Forge across Canada at a lower cost point, while enabling simplified flexibility in choice of providers for financial institutions.

“Part of Central 1’s mission to drive digital transformation to Canada’s financial institutions is identifying opportunities to build more convenient and streamlined processes to refine the end user experience,” says Mark Blucher, President & CEO of Central 1. “This widget from ASAP Cheques will accelerate and simplify the cheque ordering process, allowing financial institutions more time and resources to support and advise their members in their financial needs.”

ASAP Cheques integrating onto Forge creates further expediency in their sales processes when engaging with financial institutions and positions them as one of many key providers within Forge, an aspect that the organization kept in mind when deciding to expand.

“Central 1 was ASAP Cheques’ first choice for providing an integrated experience for cheque ordering capability to its members. Many of our clients are transitioning to Forge, and Central 1’s Vendor Marketplace process has proved to be responsive, allowing our project to complete on time and on budget. For the first time, many credit unions now have a choice in cheque printing providers.” said Cseh.

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