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$200 Rush Fees for Ordering Cheques Last Minute Was Bad Enough ..

Rush Fees for Ordering Cheques

We have all been there. You leave ordering something critical until the last minute. By the time you remember, you are scrambling to get what you need on time.

One woman knows this all too well. Sandra was ordering cheques from one of the big printers at the last minute. She had to pay nearly $200 for overnight delivery to get the cheques into the office on time! The issues didn’t stop there.

When they arrived, they were printed incorrectly and the company refused to refund the overnight shipping for the unusable cheques. So, not only did she spend a small fortune getting the cheques on time, but she was then faced with incorrect cheques and poor customer service. The company refused to admit any wrongdoing on their part or help Sandra get her money back.

We are all busy and sometimes, against our best intentions, things get left to the last minute. Ordering cheques is no exception. Ordering cheques last minute shouldn’t mean getting bombarded by fees and facing difficult customer service. The last thing you need when you are rushing to order cheques is astronomical fees and tone deaf customer support.

Penny, an ASAP customer had a very different experience with ASAP Cheques when she was faced with placing a last minute order.

“We received our urgent cheque order immediately. When I forgot to send in the voided cheque with the first order, a very friendly and helpful lady called me up. She really got me out of a bind!” says Penny.

Not only did Penny get the cheques she needed quickly and without hidden costs, but she also received friendly customer service (even when she made an error during the ordering process). This customer got the order she needed and was able to move forward with her day. She didn’t get caught in a back and forth with customer support, nor did she have to swallow $200 in charges.

ASAP customers can count on support staff working with them, not against them. Placing a last minute order can be stressful, especially when you are in a rush and about to run out of vital cheques. We want to ensure you have what you need so your business is not interrupted.

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