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Bank quality cheques without draining your bank account.
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Bank Quality Personal Cheques without Bank Prices.


Looking to order personal cheques? We offer both single side-tear cheques and duplicate cheques. These are cheques intended for use with personal bank accounts, that you fill out by hand.

When you order cheques online with us, you’ll pay less than what you’d pay for bank cheques. Our personal cheques are guaranteed to be fully compatible with all your financial institutions— Canadian Banks, Credit Unions and Caisse populaires. 

This premium cheque paper is loaded with security features. 

Single Personal Cheques: side tear to fit in most cheque books, 50 (2 books) up to a maximum of 200 (8 books) per package. Each cheque book contains 25 cheques + 2 cheque register sheets.

Duplicate Personal Cheques: side tear to fit in most cheque books, 40 (2 books) up to a maximum of 80 (4 books) per package. Each cheque book contains 20 cheques. (You may have heard these cheques referred to as “carbon copy cheques.” When you make a cheque deposit or purchase, you’ll have a copy for your personal records.)

Personal cheque orders are shipped every Friday. Same-day processing is available for a $10 RUSH fee.

Orders must be in by Thursday 11:00 AM EST. to be shipped on Friday.

Multiple shipping options are available during checkout.

Personal Cheques Pricing

Quantity of Cheques Price
25 (single) $26
50 (single) $30
100 (single) $32
200 (single) $45
40 (duplicate) $35
80 (duplicate) $45

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Q&A about Personal Cheques

What is the difference between cheque paper/blank cheques and printed cheques?

Blank cheque paper, also called blank cheque stock, has no headings, account holder information, or bank information. It is most often used by companies using software such as VersaCheck to "print their own" cheques, often laser cheques with a laser printer. Click here if you’re looking for blank cheque paper.

Printed cheques are what most people are used to. These include the name and address of the account holder and bank, headings and those funny looking numbers, and symbols along the bottom called MICR encoding.

What constitutes a personal cheque?

Personal cheques are much smaller than business cheques - usually 6 1/4" wide by 2 3/4" high. Personal cheques do not have room to encode a check number longer than 3 digits, making them unsuitable for most business accounts.

Can you print your own cheques at home?

People often ask “Could I make my own personal cheques at home?” Yes, it is possible to get set up to print your own cheques at home. Depending on your use of the cheques and upfront cost of getting your cheque printing supplies in place, it may or may not make sense for you Printing your own cheques requires suitable blank cheque paper, magnetic ink or toner(for maximum security and compatibility) and a compatible laser or ink printer if you don't have one already. Note that there is some risk to printing your own cheques because if the cheques you make at home are not compatible, the bank can charge you a service fee for each rejected cheque (as much as $4 each) plus it could delay processing the rejected cheque. For the average person using cheques for purely personal use, it does not make much sense to invest in a full cheque print operation for the home, since you can order cheques online through an affordable cheque printing company (like us!) for a fraction of the cost.

This was my first time to order online cheques (not from a bank).My problem regarding the printing details was solved by the customer service in a day. I am highly satisfied with this service and would recommend this to anyone who wants to save some bucks and get a better quality cheques. Benefits:
– Afshin
Absolutely no regrets. It was very easy to understand and accomplish what was needed on my part. The cheques were in my hands in no time and I have had no issues from the banks I deal with. Thanks.
– Brad



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