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ASAP Cheques Focuses on Cheque Fraud Education for Consumers and Businesses During National Fraud Prevention Month


In celebration of Canada’s National Fraud Prevention month, ASAP Cheques has published a Cheque Fraud Report to educate the public about the risks that exist in the use of cheques across Canada. Although there has been a decrease in cheque use since the development of electronic methods of money transfer, cheques are still a very common method of payment for many individuals and businesses. Advances in technology have made cheques quicker and easier to use. Cheques are now processed electronically as soon as they enter the banking system, some banks even allow cheques to be deposited into a bank account by simply scanning the cheque into a mobile banking application. Unfortunately, as technology has developed so have methods of fraud.

"We want to ensure that businesses and consumers truly understand the risks that exist with cheques, and properly protect themselves from fraud. Our Cheque Fraud Report and Cheque Fraud Prevention Guides provide the background information everyone should know, and identifies steps individuals and businesses can implement to protect themselves from fraud"

states Les Cseh founder of ASAP Cheques.

Cheques contain several security features such as watermarks, hidden images, 3D holograms, and more. But, as soon as a new security feature is implemented, a fraudster is actively trying to reverse engineer the feature in order to scam the system. As the Cheque Fraud Report states; the victim of cheque fraud is often the individual or business who deposited the fraudulent cheque into their account, not the bank that has accepted the cheque. For this reason, it is important for consumers and businesses to understand the process of cheque fraud, to be able to identify potential fraud, and take the necessary precautions to prevent fraud. The ASAP Cheques Report not only includes information pertinent to understanding the risks of cheque fraud in Canada, but also includes helpful tips and best practices to prevent fraud.

Cheque fraud is the most common form of financial crime, and is becoming more and more prevalent. The victims of cheque fraud are primarily individuals, and the financial damage can sometimes take a lifetime to repair. Because there is little legal recourse for victims of cheque fraud, the best strategy to combat the problem is fraud prevention education. ASAP Cheques has taken the challenge head-on and developed Cheque Fraud Prevention Tips For Consumers to help individuals educate and protect themselves from fraud. The tip sheet includes best practices on how to securely send and receive cheques, how to limit access to cheques, secure personal information, validate cheque security features, and implement accounting methods to manage cheques cashed and deposited.

The educational material available at ASAP Cheques doesn’t end there. There is also a Cheque Fraud Prevention Tips For Businesses download which includes safety procedures to ensure the validity of cheques received as payment, advanced cheque security measures, risk reduction methods to prevent business fraud, guidelines for maintaining sensitive client account information, and financial accounting best practices for business.

More About ASAP Cheques, Forms & Supplies:

ASAP Cheques is dedicated to providing quality cheque printing services to their customers, and educating consumers and businesses about the nuances inherent in cheques, the risks that exist in cheque fraud, and how to implement accounting best practices to prevent and protect from fraud.

ASAP Cheques was founded in 1996 by Les and Dianne Cseh. With a specialized background in MICR printing using laser printers, Les created the first MICR fonts to produce stable results with laser printers, and subsequently developed the first MICR cheque-writing and cheque-printing application to use Microsoft Windows. Needless to say, Les Cseh is a name that is renown in the industry. With his expertise he created ASAP Cheques, Forms & Supplies, a one-stop-shop for business cheques, QuickBooks Cheques, Laser Cheques, Computer Cheques and Personal Cheques.

ASAP Cheques - Cheque Fraud Report(PRWEB) MARCH 05, 2019

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