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Reliable Laser Cheques - Ready to Ship in 24 Hours


Trust ASAP for all your laser cheque printing needs! We offer a full range of business and personal laser cheques that are guaranteed compatible with most accounting software (such as Intuit Quickbooks) and personal finance software (such as Intuit Quicken).

Compatibility is a priority - we assure you our cheques can be used with all laser and ink/inkjet printers. They're also guaranteed compatible with the cheques you order from your bank or software company (including Intuit and Sage) and cheque printer (including NEBS and Deluxe). We'll refund you in full if you find this isn't the case!

Security is crucial too. We ensure your cheques are covered by:

  • TouchGuardTM - A heat-activated symbol that provides similar security to holograms.
    No longer offered by our competitors.
  • Invisible Fibres - Fibres that glow under black light
  • True Watermark - A mark immediately apparent when the cheque is held to the light.

A full list of our security features can be found here.

True to our name, we offer speedy printing and shipping when you order laser cheques from us! What's more, if you're re-ordering from ASAP using the same bank account, you can save time by signing in.


Laser Cheques Pricing

Quantity of Laser Cheques

On Top






Laser Business
3 per page


3 per page





250 $126


500 $166


1000 $256


2000 $381


4000 $631



Compare and Save on Laser Cheques

Cheque Type Big Canadian Bank Intuit Deluxe AsapCheques You Save
250 Laser Voucher Cheques 176.46 195.00 263.00 126.00 29%-52%
250 Laser 3 Per Page Cheques 158.10 176.00 231.99 100.00 37%-57%
250 Laser Wallet 3 Per Page Cheques 158.10 176.00 - 100.00 37%-43%
250 Window Envelopes (business) 43.00 46.00 54.99 35.00 19%-36%
200 Deposit Slips (2 part) 43.41 46.00 49.99 33.00 24%-34%
Endorsement Stamp 34.17 36.99 38.99 35.00 5%-10%


Competitor Comparison Chart

Feature AsapCheques Big Canadian Banks Intuit Deluxe
Cheque Prices lower than most banks YES NO YES NO
Shipping in as Fast as 24 Hours YES NO NO NO
Live Support - Phone,Chat,Email YES NO YES NO
Real-Time Order Status YES NO YES NO
Premium Paper YES YES YES YES
Heat-Sensitive Ink for Security YES YES YES YES
10 Built-In Security Features YES YES NO YES
14+ Designs to Choose From YES NO NO NO
5 Star Customer Service Rating YES NO NO NO
Best Price Guarantee YES NO NO NO
Support Causes With Special Designs YES NO YES NO
Printer Compatibility​​​​​​Guarantee YES YES YES YES
100% "Hassle Free" Satisfaction Guarantee YES YES NO YES
Better Business Bureau Top Rating YES YES NO NO


Over 175+ Software Apps Supported



Questions about Laser Cheques

ASAP Cheques proudly provides cheque printing for individuals and businesses. We offer a plethora of design options for personalizing laser cheques ordered online from us. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions about our laser cheques.

What are laser business cheques?

Laser business cheques are computer printed cheques that provide valuable security features as well as record keeping advantages. By utilizing laser cheques with your business’s recordkeeping computer software – like QuickBooks and Microsoft Accounting – you are establishing and maintaining accurate records of all financial transactions of the business. You are then able to easily and quickly track and search various expenditures your business incurs.

At ASAP we use premium paper for all of our Canadian Laser Cheques to prevent printer jamming. In addition, our laser cheques include a number of security features to keep your financial information safe and secure from hacking and theft attempts. In fact, ASAP Cheques leads the industry in security features and is the only cheque supplier that uses Toner Grip and Touch Guard (see below for details).

These features come standard on all ASAP laser cheques and include:

Touch Guard: A thermochromic – color changing – ink fingerprint symbol on the back of each cheque that disappears with heat and returns when it cools.

Toner Grip: This coating fuses the toner to the paper preventing criminals from removing the ink and altering the cheque in some way.

Tracing Code: Each batch of cheque paper has its own unique code that is printed on each page to allow law enforcement to track fraudulent purchases.

Black Light Fibers: These invisible threads glow under black light and cannot be reproduced by scam artists.

Chemical Wash: This causes black or brown stains to appear wherever chemicals are used to alter the document.

Watermark: A true watermark – like that used by ASAP Cheques – becomes apparent immediately when the paper is held up to a light and cannot be reproduced.

CPSA Padlock: This symbol indicates that ASAP Cheques is licensed by the Cheque Payment Systems Association (CPSA) which confirms the inclusion of their recommended security features.

Micro Printing: This text appears to be a line to the naked eye but is actually miniscule text that printers, scanners, and copiers cannot reproduce.

Void Text: This text is included on vouchers and the back of stubs to prevent its use in the production of counterfeit cheques.

Partial Security Feature List: Printed on the back of ASAP cheques, this list informs recipients and tellers which security features are present so that they can use them to authenticate the cheque. This list is “partial” due to the fact that hidden or covert features are not listed.

How do I print laser cheques with QuickBooks?

You can laser print cheques from your local computer or directly from QuickBooks Online. ASAP Cheques offers all three types of laser cheques available for use with QuickBooks: Three per page wallet cheques, three per page standard business cheques, and voucher cheques.

Basic instructions on how to print cheques with QuickBooks include:

  1. Select the Plus Icon (+) on the QuickBooks toolbar
  2. Select “Print Cheques” under “Vendors”
  3. Select the bank account to use
  4. Select which cheques to print
  5. Select “Preview & Print”
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the task

For fully detailed instructions on how to print laser cheques using QuickBooks software, visit the QuickBooks website.

Where can I buy business laser cheques?

Business laser cheques are available from a number of providers in Canada but not all are created equal. Those that you can order from ASAP Cheques are guaranteed to be compatible with all sheet feed inkjet and laser printers that accept standard sized paper (8.5 x 11”). In addition, the guarantee extends to compatibility with cheques that may be purchased through another cheque printer, software vendor, or bank. In the unlikely event that your cheques are somehow not compatible, ASAP Cheques provides 100 percent of your money back. Thus, there is no reason not to try ASAP Cheques for your business laser cheque needs.

Ordering Canadian laser printer cheques through ASAP’s online portal is less expensive and more convenient than going through your bank. We print in-house to save on expenses and pass those savings on to our customers. Moreover, our quick and simple online ordering process means that your valuable time can be spent focusing on growing your business rather than mundane office tasks.

How do I use laser printing cheques with Microsoft?

Microsoft offers several different software options that provide users with the ability to print cheques. The Microsoft Office feature Microsoft Accounting provides users with the ability to write and print cheques directly. This records the transaction the instant you write the cheque thus, helping to keep your books up to date. If your business uses Microsoft Office it makes sense to integrate this feature into your company’s accounting structure.

I used ASAP cheques a few months ago for my first cheque order from them. Creating an account and creating my order was easy. Emailed a PDF of our old cheques to complete the order. Got a very quick response. I was AMAZED at how quickly the cheque order arrived. I've started to recommend ASAP Cheques to my clients. Great price, great service - you can't go wrong!
– Adam
Compare to other cheque supplier, ASAP provides us a fairly reasonable price, a very user-friendly order system, an excellent live chat/re-order platform with fast delivery. Highly recommended.
– Angelina



The ASAP Cheques promise

We pride ourselves on our superior product quality and attentive customer service. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, simply return it for a hassle free refund.


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