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Am I at risk?

Cheque fraud is so rampant that banks don't like to reveal the extent of the problem, but it appears to be in the billions of dollars.

Unfortunately, the responsibility for forgery losses is shifting towards bank customers, rather than solely on banks. And on top of this, there is the expense and lost time related to investigating the crime.

To minimize the possibility of becoming a victim and being responsible for the losses, you must exercise due diligence. One part of this is to implement careful practices regarding your cheques as described in our free Cheque Fraud Prevention Tipsheet. Another is to use cheques with well implemented security features, as described below.

What Security Features Are On Your Cheques and Cheque Paper?

TouchGuardTM - on the back of each cheque, we include a fingerprint symbol printed using thermochromic (color change) ink. When you rub or breathe on the fingerprint, the color fades and some time after you stop, the color returns.

Toner Grip - if you print cheques using a laser printer, the toner can be removed from the cheque very easily, allowing a crook to remove and replace or alter the payee, amount, etc.. Unless the cheque paper is treated with a "toner-fusing" coating such as ASAP Cheques uses.

Tracing Code - each time we run a batch of cheque paper, a unique code for the batch is included on each page. This allows us to work with law enforcement to narrow down who may have made a fraudulent purchase.

Invisible Fibers - these will glow under black light, something that cannot be reproduced.

Chemical Protection - brown stains and black dye appear when chemicals are used to remove/alter the cheque.

True Watermark - immediately apparent when you hold the paper up to light. This cannot be reproduced by color copier, scanner or printer.

Microprinting - printing that is so tiny that it looks like a line but when magnified you can see it is actually text that is so tiny that it cannot be reproduced by copiers, scanners and printers. On our security designs, the "line" underneath the border on the top is microprinted. On our other designs, the rectangle around the padlock on the face of the cheque is microprinted.

Partial Features List - on the back of the cheque, alerts tellers and recipients of cheques that security features exist which can be used to verify that the cheque is an original. Some "covert" features are intentionally not listed to help deter a crooks' attempt to counterfeit.

Stub/Voucher Void Text - we print some Void text on the back of stubs/vouchers to prevent a crook from using it to produce a counterfeit cheque.

Padlock - we are licensed by the CPSA (Check Payment Systems Association) to print this symbol on our cheques, confirming the inclusion of security features that they recommend.

Do You Screen Orders?

In addition to verifying credit cards (eg. card is not stolen, ship address matches address on credit card, CVV security number on back of card matches), for sensitive products such as cheques, cheque paper and MICR toner we also verify that the person placing the order and the ship-to address of the order match what their bank has on file. We also include information on the cheque paper to help track fraudulent orders and work closely with police and investigative agencies.

Picture this. It is frighteningly easy for anyone (eg. staff, someone you have written a cheque to) to purchase blank cheque paper and counterfeit your cheques. To help protect our customers, we require a bank contact and account number to verify that the order is legitimate.

While we regret that some will find this inconvenient and buy elsewhere, we believe that most of our customers welcome this additional safety.

Is Your Server Secure For Online Orders?

Of course! Once you click the "Shopping Cart" on the top right and check out, then the order is processed on a secure server (you will see the key/lock symbol on your browser) which uses a secure site certificate.

Not just that, our entire site is protected by the highest level of validated security certificate.


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This is the second time I have ordered cheques through ASAP Cheques, and I will again next time. They are beautiful, they came promptly and they were less expensive than ordering through my bank.
– John
Our first order from ASAP Cheques proved very satisfactory. Very good prices, excellent options, arrived by post three days after order (quicker than promised), all correct and the cheques are clearing the banks with no problem. Only concern is we would have liked to order more at one time without having to place two separate orders involving the base rate. This is only concern as we choose to be old school and prefer cheques.
– Ann



The ASAP Cheques promise

We pride ourselves on our superior product quality and attentive customer service. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, simply return it for a hassle free refund.



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