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Questions About Blank Cheque Paper

Is you cheque paper compatible with CPA 006?

Yes! But click here to learn more.

What is the difference between cheque paper/blank cheques and printed cheques?

Cheque paper/blank cheque paper has no headings, account holder or bank information. It is used by companies using software such as VersaCheck to "print their own" cheques. While printing your own has benefits, it is generally only viable for those that have several bank accounts. At the ASAP Cheques website, click on the Blank Cheque Paper tab to see these products.

Printed cheques are what most people are used to. These include the name and address of the account holder and bank, headings and those funny looking numbers and symbols along the bottom called MICR encoding. At the ASAP Cheques website, click on the Cheques tab to see these products.

Why do you need my bank contact info and an account number for blank cheque paper?

Picture this. If you buy blank cheque paper elsewhere, then your staff or someone you have written a cheque to can purchase the same blank cheque paper you use without any restriction and quite easily counterfeit your cheques!

To help protect you from this, we ask for a contact at your bank and an account number so we can attempt to verify that the order is legitimate. While we regret that some will find this inconvenient and buy elsewhere, we believe most of our customers welcome the additional safety.

Are your cheque paper quantities cheques or sheets?

For cheque paper that has more than one cheque per sheet, we always show both the number of sheets and number of cheques so there can be no confusion. Unfortunately, some companies use the deceitful approach of showing the number of cheques so you end up paying far more than you should have.

What is the weight of your cheque paper?

Our cheques use a premium cheque paper that is 24 lbs "weight". However, due to the special toner grip coating, the paper feels heavier, closer to 25 lbs.

What security features do your cheques have?

ASAP Cheques is the industry leader in providing the most security features, yet affordably. In the unlikely case that you can find more security features, you will be paying substantially more! Click here for all the details.


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Excellent service , I have ordered my business Cheques for 7 different subway 2000 each and all were perfect and on time.
– Balmukund
Great, fast service at a reasonable price. Beats H&D anyday.
– Maurice



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