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Bank quality cheques without draining your bank account.
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Bank Quality Quickbooks Cheques without Bank Prices.

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Many small businesses prefer to use QuickBooks for printing cheques, invoices, paying bills, generating reports for planning, tax filing, and more. Looking for cheques compatible with QuickBooks by Intuit? You’ve come to the right place. The speedy service at ASAP Cheques means you can place your order and get back to business.

We have all 3 styles of cheques for QuickBooks: Voucher Cheques, Standard 3-Per-Page Cheques and Wallet 3-Per-Page-Cheques, priced to save you money when compared to your bank or current cheque printer. All these cheques are compatible with the QuickBooks software, making cheque printing easier and more convenient than ever. (Using a different accounting software? We have computer cheques for over 175 different programs here.)

We are a highly reliable, next-generation printer of QuickBooks Cheques in Canada. And we don’t expect you to take our word for it: Check out our thousands of positive reviews. Our prices are competitive and our fast 1-day ready-to-ship processing lets you spend less time ordering cheques and more time on your more important business matters. Our cheques are suitable for all laser and ink/inkjet printers and are guaranteed to be compatible with all versions of Intuit QuickBooks.

From premium quality paper that won’t ever jam in the printer to extensive security features, we’ve included everything you need from QuickBooks cheques. Protect yourself against fraud by ensuring your cheques have all the latest in extensive security features.

Want more info about security on cheques? You can view a complete list of security features here.

We strive to beat all other Canadian cheque companies in both exceptional product quality and outstanding customer service.

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QuickBooks Cheques Pricing

Number of Cheques

QuickBooks Voucher
On Top


QuickBooks Standard
3 per Page


100 $70 $54
250 $132 $105
500 $175 $152
1000 $269 $193
2000 $400 $285
4000 $663 $433


QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit. Our cheques are fully compatible with the software so you can save time and money.

Good, always easy to reorder cheques.
– Jane
Using ASAP cheques was incredibly easy. We were able to input all the information that we needed, and the proofing process was very fast. We've used them a few times now, and re-ordering is a breeze.
– Alicia



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