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Bank quality cheques without draining your bank account.
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Bank Quality Business Cheques without Bank Prices.

These are manual business cheques that are designed to be filled out by hand. (Looking for QuickBooks cheques compatible with your accounting software? We sell those, too.) Ordering cheques from us is simple, quick and secure. To browse our business cheque products and begin your order, click Start Shopping below.

ASAP business cheques are high quality and compatible with the ones you order from your bank or cheque printer (e.g. NEBS and Deluxe). We use premium quality cheque paper with extensive security features to keep you safe. Learn more about our security features here..

If you have ordered business cheques from us before and want to reorder them for the same bank account, click here to reorder.

Business 2 per Page Cheques Pricing

2 cheques (classic size of 3 1/4" high x 7 3/8" long) per 6 1/2"  x 11"  sheet with a stub to the left of each cheque. 3-hole punched, they fit in the optional binder. *Optional binder sold separately.

2 per Page
100 $49
200 $62
400 $80
800 $119

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Q&A about Business Cheques

How much do business cheques cost?

There is a huge difference in business cheque prices. Business cheques always cost more than personal cheques. Banks and traditional cheque printers (eg. Deluxe) are usually the most expensive. New generation printers (eg. ASAP Cheques) can save you 50% to 80%.

Are business cheques different than personal cheques?

Yes. Business cheques come in a variety of sizes (as large as 8.5" wide by 3" high, sometimes with 1 or 2 stubs/voucher) and are suitable for encoding business account numbers and cheque numbers longer than 3 digits. In some cases, it may still be possible to use personal cheques for business bank accounts.

Good, always easy to reorder cheques.
– Jane
Very pleased with ASAP service. Repeat client. Why pay triple at the bank??
– Esmond



The ASAP Cheques promise

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